Serial Numbered Peer-to-Peer Digital Asset

Financial System Compliant Digital Instrument For Secured Micro/Macro Transaction

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What is KratsCoin
Kratscoin promotes digitalized financial instrument for global financial system compliance as "Peer to Peer Electronic Asset". Businesses, Commodities Traders, Institutional Investors and Fund Managers are empowered with compliant and quick transaction at low-fee brokerage. Crypto-Currency Exchanges are accredited with Enhanced Security Medium of exchange. A new addition to decentralized financial innovation.
Due to the lack of regulation and cyber security in the on-going rapid growth of crypto-currency adoption, risk of theft and criminal activities rises simultaneously. Kratscoin hopes to solve the mentioned by allowing regulators and members of the public to safe guard their interest of assets by ensuring every KTC unit is embedded with serial number. Each block that is mined from the Proof Of Work protocol, can be tracked easily, rendering the act of theft futile.


The indivisible smallest amount of kratscoin is called “kratsunit” at 0.00001 in order to denominate rates in forex and commodities trading as value cannot be determined or dictated by the smallest of currency [cents] or smallest of weight in commodities [milligrams]. If kratscoin is valued at $10,000.00 then the smallest unit of kratsunit at 0.00001 is $0.10 and nothing smaller than $0.10 in kratscoin.



Each kratsunit is embedded with a 13 digits’ serial code and numbers accumulating total of 2,100,000,000,000 codes. Example:
1st kratscoin: AKDJFYRS.00000
1st smallest fraction: AKDJFYRS.00001
2nd smallest fraction: AKDJFYRS.00002
These codes simulate financial instruments in financial markets enhancing security and preventing 51% hash attack resulting in double transactions.



Serial codes in kratscoin blockchain allows each kratsunit ownership transaction to be tracked as in any financial money trail rendering theft and hacks futile. An accessory security system is being developed to be added into the kratscoin blockchain, allowing notification of reported stolen digital coins being transacted including the prevention of unauthorized transaction.

Why invest in Kratscoin?


With technological supremacy blockchain innovation, electronic transactions are made easier, quicker, cheaper but is it safer? If banks can be robbed or claim bankruptcy, so can cryptocurrencies, crypto-exchanges and wallet developers. When you invest in kratscoin, the serial codes of every kratsunits transacted is recorded and stays in your crypto-wallet. Hackers utilizes hardware wallet to protect their stash. With kratscoin’s serial codes, it is no longer possible to hide forever.
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The Kratscoin Committee believes there are approximately 2 million users upon consolidation and these numbers are growing rapidly with the aggressive strategic approach of listing in crypto-exchanges and use-case development. In-line with these development, Kratscoin Committee is developing its own crypto-wallet and shall be available for public download soon.

Meanwhile, there are numerous crypto-wallets that holds Kratscoin developed by the public sector that users, investors, fund managers and traders can utilize at their choosing.

Kratscoin Committee welcomes all Kratscoin crypto wallet developers and shall assist to enlist and promote them here in the Official Kratscoin Website


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Benefit, stock-up and safe-keep your future with compliant, secured, fast-accomplishing and promising digital financial instrument Kratscoin KTC

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Kratscoin Committee is a self-funded operating entity. Operating Income derives only from Mining Operations and Mining Pool Service Fees including Crypto Wallet Apps.

Kevin Ho

Kevin Ho is the cofounder of FLOChip. He is a digital and technologist and has been helping large, complex organizations reconcile with blockchain and cryptography technology for over 5 years. He has successfully spearheaded projects in several industries ranging from blockchain main-net development, security tokens development, mobile wallet development, finance/fintech, and more.

Victor Lee

Victor Lee is founder & CEO for, AI predictive data analytics for digital asset. Helping investors make better decision with real-time signals and insights powered by AI and sentiment analysis. He previously leading mobile strategy and innovation initiative in Omnicom Media Group and Standard Chartered Bank China and now building a fast-growing technology business in the blockchain and digital asset industry in Singapore and Malaysia.
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